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Bring your friends to come and hack at Diffusion 2019



Who is still missing at Diffusion? If you know that talented software engineer, UX designer, cryptographer, data scientist, devops engineer, smart contract wizard or IoT hacker who hasn't signed up for Diffusion yet but really should, this bounty is for you!


You refer a person by sending an email to bounties@diffusion.events, with subject "Bring a friend bounty", and contents:

  • The wallet address you're using here on bounties.network (so we know the referral came from you)
  • The GitHub username of the person you're referring

Please complete a fulfilment of the bounty here on bounties.network for every person you refer.

When you make your submission here on bounties.network, do not include any details of the person you refer because all submission details are stored on the public blockchain.

Definition of Done

  1. The person you refer signs up for the Diffusion hackathon via https://diffusion2019.devpost.com after you have referred them
  2. They show up and participate in the hackathon on 19 Oct 2019

Things to Note

The bounty is only valid for people who sign up for a different team than your own, i.e. referring your own team mates doesn't qualify.

We will check all submitted referrals and award the bounty payments shortly after the event.

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